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April 28, 2012
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  Your cellphone vibrated in your pocket, and judging from the ringtone it was Japan calling. For every country you gave them their own ringtone; and since Japan, was, well, an otaku, to put it blunt, you had given him a Vocaloid song for his ringtone.

  Digging around your pocket for the small device, you flipped it open and held it to your ear. "Hello? Kiku?"

  "Ah, _____. This is Kiku speaking," Kiku answered politely. "I was wondering if you'd rike to get some snacks with me? Itary-san and Germany-san are out training."

  "Shouldn't you be training with them too?" you asked curiously.

  "No. Germany-san gave me a break," Kiku explained. "So, wirl you come with me?"

  "Yeah, sure." you felt your face heat up a bit. "Um, where do you wanna meet?"

  "There is a pocky store near your house; you know where that is, right?" Kiku asked. "I wirl meet you there in a few minutes, okay?"

  "Okay. See you there," you said.

  "Okay. Bye." the phone clicked, and you felt a blush stain your cheeks.

  You were going to spend time with Kiku, alone! A small squeal escaped your lips, and you let out a dreamy sigh. You've been crushing on the Japanese man since you first met him; he was always calm and collected, but funny at the same time. You remembered the time when you caught him reading erotic content...


  "Hey, Kiku!" you called. "Where'd you go?"

  As you padded down the hallways, a noise was suddenly heard.

  The rustling of pages turning caught your attention, and in your curiosity you slunk towards the sound. Poking your head through the door, you grinned as you saw your Asian best friend and crush reading a book. You weren't able to see the cover; he was facing away from you.

  Slowly and quietly, you tip-toed up behind the Japanese man. Usually, Kiku would've noticed you by now, but he was so enraptured in this book that he didn't.

  Finally, you were close enough to read over his shoulder. The only problem? You couldn't read Japanese, so instead you settled for the pictures.

  What you saw first made you gag, then choke, and finally burst into a hysterical fit of laughter as the startled Kiku stared at you in shock.

  "O-Oh my god!" you managed to get out. "Kiku! Why th-the heck... are you reading what I assume to be M-rated stuff?!"

  Kiku blushed profusely, clearing his throat in embarrassment. "_____... I, uhm, did not see you there..."

  Strangely, this just caused you to laugh harder. Oh, you were so
not gonna let Kiku live this down.

Flashback end

  You snapped out of your reminiscing, remembering that you had to get ready to meet Kiku. Brushing out your hair, you threw on some simple, everyday clothes before walking to the pocky store Kiku had mentioned.

  Ah, pocky. Your favorite Japanese sweet snack food... thing.

  You spotted Kiku standing outside the door, a pocky box already in his hand with a pocky stick hanging out of his mouth.

  "Ah, _____, you're here. I arlready bought some... do you want to share for the time being?" Kiku asked as he noticed your presence.

  "Yeah, sure," you said with a smile. "Wanna go sit?"

  You got a nod from Kiku, and you gestured towards the table near them.

  "So, Kiku, how has your day been going?" you asked as you nibbled on the pocky stick. Kiku seemed to hesitate before responding.

  "It has been going fine. What about you, _____?" Kiku asked.

  "My day has actually been going pretty good. Thanks for asking," you grinned. My day's been going good because of you...


  There was an awkward silence for a while, you contemplating on what to say and Kiku thinking about something. Something that involved you, him, and something Italy had told him.

  "Vee~ Japan, if you want to kiss her, just play that pocky game!

  "_____," Kiku said suddenly. His face was a light shade of pink, and you eyed him curiously, a pocky stick hanging from your mouth.

  "What's up?"

  "Crlose your eyes, prlease," Kiku asked softly.

  "O-Oh... uhm, okay..." you mumbled. A blush spilled across your cheeks as you felt some pressure on the other end of your pocky stick, and you nearly snapped open your eyes if it wasn't for Kiku murmuring," Keep them crlosed untirl I say you can open them. Prlease."

  A small crunch sound signified that Kiku had taken a small bite off the other end of the pocky, and he now waited for you to take a bite.

  Slowly, you did. Taking a delicate bite, your face radiated heat as Kiku's face got closer and closer to yours.

  Right before Kiku took the last bite which would end up with his lips on yours, he murmured something so soft, so barely audible that you just barely caught it.

  "Aishiteru, _____..."

  and with that said, you felt Kiku's lips on yours. They were soft, and quite warm. You savored the kiss; not surprisingly, his lips tasted like pocky.

  ...Well, duh. He was eating pocky.

  As he drew back, you took note of his red face; Wow! It looked as red as Lovino's tomatoes!

  "Hey, Kiku?" you asked softly.


  "I love you too."

  Before he could react, you pressed your lips on his for another kiss. Not that he was complaining, of course.
My first fanfic / reader insert. :D
I hope you like it!

I do not own Hetalia.
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What normal people saw:
 "Yeah, sure," you said with a smile. "Wanna go sit?"

What I saw:
 "Yeah, sure," you said with a smile. "Wanna go sh!t?"
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I read it the same way XD
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