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May 27, 2012
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  "Hey Kiku, how would you want a girl to confess to you?" you asked nervously, fiddling with your fingers. "N-Not that I'm gonna confess to you or something, n-no! I'm just... curious, is all..."

  "Oh... very werl then," Kiku said as he took a sip of his tea.

  You two were sitting in Japan's house, enjoying an afternoon together since you were bored and Kiku had invited you over. You thought it was going to be a great opportunity to confess your feelings to him, but first you wanted to know how he'd want a girl to confess to him.

  "Hmm... If a girl were to ever confess to me, I wourld rike it to be in my native ranguage," Kiku started as he rested his hands on his chin. "I wourld arlso prefer it to be outside, where the sakura trees are." he gestured to his yard, where a few pretty sakura trees stood.

  He then added under his breath with a light blush," and I wourld rove it if you were the one confessing to me..."

  "What was that last part?" you questioned. You heard him mumble something under his breath, but you couldn't hear it.

  "I-It was nothing," Kiku lied as his blush darkened a bit. "So, why did you want to know this again, ______-san?"

  "J-Just curious!" you said, averting your eyes from his. An awkward silence settled, but you decided to break it.

  "So, uhm... how do you say 'I love you' in Japanese, anyways?"

  Kiku seemed to look surprised and even blushing by your question, but you dismissed it as your imagination that could rival Arthur's.

  "It is 'Aishiteru'," Kiku said. "If you want to say something rike 'I rike you very much', then it wourld be 'daisuki."

  "Oh... alright." a small smile tugged at your lips. "Hey Kiku, can we go outside? I wanna go see your cherry blossom trees... they're really pretty."

  "Werl, arlright," Kiku said with a faint smile as he stood up. "Come on, _____."

  They truly were beautiful, the sakura trees; they were also in bloom, which made it even better. Mustering up as much courage as you could possibly have, you gently cleared your throat once you and Kiku were outside.

  "Hey, um, Kiku?"

  "Yes, _____-san?"

  Taking in a deep breath, you said, or rather shouted," A-Aishiteru, Kiku!"

  A silence followed after your outburst, and your hand flew up to your mouth as tears pricked at your eyes. "I-I..."

  You were surprised when a gentle thumb wiped at your eyes, and a hand gently pried your hand away from your mouth before it tilted your head up.

  "Anata o hontōni aishiteimasu, _____," Kiku murmured, dropping the suffix. He hesitated before pressing his lips onto yours, both of your faces flushed a deep crimson.

  Breaking away from the small kiss for some air, you smiled; Kiku had problems with personal space, but apparently he didn't seem to mind you being in his. You two were right about to lean in for another kiss when-


  "What in the name of-!"

  You were cut off as you were sent to the ground with Kiku on top of you, and Yao on top of him.

  "Oh, Kiku is finally growing up, aru~!"

  While you blushed in embarrassment at the close proximity of you and Kiku, Kiku let a small smile curve his lips.

  'Aishiteru, _____.'
Germany = [link]
South Italy = [link]
Russia = [link]
China = [link]
N. Italy = [link]
America = [link]

What have I done?

Urururu... Up next is Russia~

Anata o hontōni aishiteimasu = I love you so much.

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture from: [link]
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