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 "Mmmph... stupid sounds, why won't you shut up...?"

 Ring ring ring

 "Five... more minutes..."

 Ring ring ring

 "Okay, okay! I'll get up if you just shut up already, stupid clock!" You cried before realizing you had been talking to an inanimate object. Sighing to yourself, you pressed the off button on your alarm clock and held your face in your hands.

 "I honestly wonder sometimes if I'm going mad..." You mumbled, shaking your head. As you groggily tried to rub the sleep out of your eyes, a sudden voice caught you off guard.

 "Vee~ _____, you're finally up! I was wondering when you'd wake up, bella!"

 Feliciano poked his head through your bedroom door before he bounced over to your bedside, his curl seeming to bounce with each stride that he took.

 "Oh, hey Feli," You said with a yawn. "Mm... I'm tired..."

 It took you another five seconds to finally comprehend what was happening at the moment.

 Feliciano was here.

 Who happened to be the guy you like- no, scratch that. The guy you love.

 At your house.

 Right next to you, who had just woken up.

 And you were probably looking anything but decent, considering how you had just woken up.

 "F-Feli?!" You squeaked, immediately turning to face him with a blush painted across your face. "Wha-What're you doing here?!" Instinctively, your hand shot to your head to look for any signs of bedhead.

 A small sigh of relief slipped through your lips as you realized it wasn't very bad; just a few knots here and there.

 "To watch the movie, of course!" Feliciano chirped. "Don'tcha remember, _____? You promised to watch a movie with me today!"

 Scouring your brain for this promise you had made, it all suddenly came to you.


 "Vee, _____, _____!" Feliciano cried, waving around his arms wildly to catch your attention.

 Ears perking at the Italian's energetic voice, you turned your head around only for a sudden body to come crashing into yours.

 "F-Feli?!" You yelped, your face flushing a light pink as the two of you collapsed onto the soft grass. "W-What is it?"

 Feliciano, being the innocent person he was, didn't seem to even care that he was practically straddling you at the very moment.

 "Vee~ Can you please watch a movie with me?" Feliciano asked, the most cutest pouts in your opinion forming on his lips. "I bought one earlier but Romano wouldn't watch it with me, and I don't wanna watch it alone!"

 Your heart fluttered at the fact that he wanted to watch a movie with you; and just the two of you, too!

 "Alright, does tomorrow sound good? I'm free then." At your words, the Italian's face lit up and a goofy grin crossed his face.

 "Okay! I'll be over in the morning, vee~! I'll see you then, bella!" Feliciano said excitedly before jumping off of you and then bouncing away.

 He stopped midway, though, before turning back to shout, "_____!"

 "Yeah?" You called back, now standing and brushing the bits and pieces of grass that had gotten on you.

 "Do you promise that you'll watch it with me, bella?"

 You giggled. "I promise!"


 As you finally realized your promise, your face lit up with a smile. "Ah, you're right! Sorry for forgetting, Feli," You added sheepishly, rubbing the back of your head.

 "Vee, it's alright, bella! At least you remembered!" Feliciano eagerly shoved a new-looking DVD case in your face. "Here's the movie! It's really famous in my country, bella!"
 Your eyes scanned the cover, and from what you were able to tell it was a romance movie.

 'A romance movie, huh?'

 Your mind instantly filled itself with the things that could happen while watching a romance type of movie; Feliciano would confess his feelings to you, you guys would kiss...

 'No, _____! Bad, bad!' You lectured yourself in your mind.

 Well, at least you thought you did it in your mind...

 "Huh? What's bad, _____?" Feliciano asked curiously. "Do you... not like the movie?" His tone of voice started to droop along with his curl,  as though it did things accordingly to his emotions.

 "N-No, it's fine!" You stammered frantically as your face flushed. "I-I-It's nothing!"

 'Curse you, stupid stuttering!'

 "Alrighty!" Feliciano said happily, instantly reverting back to his cheerful mood. "And why curse your stuttering? It's cute, bella!"

 Your face was burning hot right now. Deciding that now would be a great time to switch topics, you tried to suppress your blush as much as you could and took a deep breath.

 "Feli, how about you go prepare some popcorn or something and I'll pop the disc into my T.V?" You said, getting ready to get up. "Or," You added, remembering the Italian's obsession with pasta, "You can prepare some pasta instead of popcorn if you want."

 Feliciano's face practically lit up at the thought of pasta, and with a quick nod and a cheery 'vee,' he bounced away to the kitchen, leaving the DVD case on your lap.

 Swinging your legs off of your bed, you stretched and let a small sigh of relief pass your lips as you felt your muscles relax. "Hm, might as well go and stick the DVD into the DVD player..."

 As soon as you passed the doorway leading to your living room, you were surprised to see two plates of pasta laid out nicely on your coffee table, along with two cups of soda and a small bowl of popcorn.

 'How did he get all of that stuff ready so fast?'

 "Vee~ Bella! Hurry up and put the movie in so we can watch!" Feliciano, who was already situated comfortably on your couch, grinned goofily. A faint blush rose to your cheeks at his grin, a small grin of your own playing on your lips as his cheeriness was infectious.

 "Okay, okay! Calm down, Feli." Placing the disk into they tray, you plopped down onto the seat next to him and got into a comfy position. Only problem? The only comfortable position there was left required you to be rather close to Feliciano. Not that you minded, of course.

 And secretly, neither did he.

 Even though you guys were practically snuggled up against each other, you tried your best to simply brush it off; though that proved to be difficult as a blush coated your cheeks. You didn't dare look at Feliciano in fear of your blush increasing; he was grateful that you hadn't, because a light shade of pink had settled onto his cheeks also.

 As the movie started, it was a lot like any other romance movie; the two fall in love, some b-word of a girl breaks them apart by telling them fake lies, they realize that it was all lies and they get back together.

 A snippet of the movie did catch your attention though.

 Since the movie was in Italian, there were English subs so that you could understand what they were saying. You were at the part where the two main characters were just about to kiss, and as the guy leaned in to capture her lips, he said something that translated to 'I love you' in English.

 Ti amo.

 That meant... I love you in Italian?

 Well... it'd be perfect if you could confess to him in Italian, though the only thing worrying you was that he'd reject you. But, the movie had managed to boost your confidence, and with a red face and deep breath, you turned to face Feliciano.

 "F-Feli?" Your words seemed to snap him out of his dreamy trance from watching the movie, and he turned to you with a smile.

 "Yes, bella?"

 'It's now or never...'

 "T-Ti amo!" You spluttered after a few moments hesitation, clapping your hand over your mouth as the words left your lips.

 Embarrassed. That was probably the correct word that could accurately describe how you were feeling at the moment.

 Though your eyes were squeezed shut, you allowed to crack them open a fraction of an inch to see his reaction. Your heart plummeted.

 Shock was plastered across his face, in which you interpreted it as a bad thing.

 'Is he shocked that I confessed?'

 'That he doesn't know how to respond?'

 'That... he doesn't return the feelings?'

 Millions of thoughts raced through your head at this, and just as the silence was getting too overbearing a warm hand hooked itself under your chin, bringing your face up.

 "_____, look at me."

 That had been the first time that Feliciano had used your real name. He used to call you 'bella' all the time; you never knew what it really meant, just figured that he called you that because that was what he thought your name was.

 Slowly opening your eyes, a soft gasp left your lips as you saw that he had opened his eyes; he always had them closed for whatever reason. A pity he did, because his eyes were absolutely mesmerizing.

 "I... Anch'io ti amo, _____..." The Italian mumbled shyly, something unlike his usual cheery mood.

 It didn't take you that long to figure it out; He had said 'I love you' somewhere in there, and he was blushing, so therefore... He must've said that he loved you too!

 A surprised squeak left your lips as he suddenly glomped you; that had been a term that Kiku had taught you. It was supposed to mean a big fat tackle hug or something.

 "Vee, you're so adorable, _____!" Feliciano chimed, seemingly switching from shy and timid to energetic and cheery in a matter of seconds. "I'm so happy, vee~! You've made me super happy, bella!"

 Chuckling, you wrapped your arms around him loosely to return the hug. "You've made me happy, too, Feli... I love you."

 "I love you too, bella," Feliciano cooed, looking at you fondly before her nervously started to twiddle with his fingers. "C-Can I kiss you, bella?"

 A warm chuckle sprouted from your lips at his request. "Of course! Not until you tell me something, though," You said playfully.

 "Vee? What is it?"

 "What does 'bella' mean? You've always been calling me that!"

 It was Feliciano's turn to laugh. "Oh, _____! You're so adorable! It means 'beautiful' in Italian... and you are beautiful. Never let anyone tell you otherwise."

 And with those sweet words, he dove in and captured your lips.

 'Ti amo, _____.'
Germany = [link]
S. Italy = [link]
Japan = [link]
Russia = [link]
China = [link]
America = [link]

And she finally updates! :iconlazycryplz:
I truly apologize for being so inactive! School and laziness really prevent me from updating often, but Winter Break is coming up soon, so I'll try to post more!

Oh, and to ~AwesomePerson26, I'll be getting your reader insert out soon! I'm so sorry for the huge delay!

Anyways, I feel as though the ending is just really crappy. I got really lazy, sorry. :XD:


Ti amo - I love you
Anch'io ti amo - I love you too

Credit to ~AwesomePerson26 for giving me the idea! Check her out; she's an awesome writer! :)

If there are any mistakes, please feel free to notify me!
Comments and favs are appreciated!

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture from: [link]
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