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 The sound of a door creaking open resonated within the walls of the large house, followed by the sound of rustling clothes and a sigh. "I'm home," Ludwig called out gruffly, not even bothering to take off his jacket—instead, he just settled for unbuttoning it, before making his way to his room and collapsing onto his waiting bed.

 Ears perking as you heard Ludwig return home, you abandoned your task at hand, which had been folding his clothes, and approached his bedroom.

 You had been Ludwig's house maid for a while now; after having been short of money, all thanks to your father, you had started to search for a job. For months you were unable to find one; the most common reasons being that someone had already applied, or you just didn't like the job at all. Redemption came in the form of a phone call, though, as the strict German had called you in request that you'd be his house maid. Apparently he was busy, and needed someone at his house for a few months to clean.

 The pay was good, and you were pretty decent at cleaning—so why not? Needless to say, while working for Ludwig you two had managed to get close to each other, to the point where Ludwig would constantly extend your stay at his house—using the excuse that he was still 'busy.' In all honesty, he wasn't busy at all; he just liked your company and didn't want you to leave.

 Not that you minded, of course. You had a bit of a crush on the blonde.

 "Luddy?" Using the affectionate pet name that you had given him, you tiptoed to his bedroom door, which was slightly ajar. 'Is he napping?'

 Unbeknownst to you, Ludwig smirked as he started to hear you approaching... maybe now he could catch you in the act. He was actually still awake—albeit very tired—but he was determined to see if you were really the one doing what he thought you were.

 Peeking your head in, you were greeted with the sight of a neat and tidy room with Ludwig collapsed onto his bed. He looked out of place; what with his untidy appearance, in contrast with his tidy room.

 "Must've been a tiring day... poor Luddy," You mumbled beneath your breath sympathetically. It was pretty rare for you to see Ludwig like this, but you had to admit, it was pretty nice. Up close, he looked really adorable... and his hair wasn't slicked back, either! It was messy, resulting in a rather, ahem... attractive look.

 Walking closer to him, so that you now stood by his bedside, you gently brushed away some of his hair from his face with a small smile. If only Kiku was here! He always had a camera with him, and this was picture perfect!

 Cautiously, so that he wouldn't wake up, you planted a quick, soft kiss onto his forehead. This had been a growing habit of yours—whenever you caught Ludwig sleeping, you were sure to plant a kiss on his forehead or cheek.

 ...It's not that creepy, okay?!

 'Maybe I should leave him alone for now... he'll need his rest,' You thought as you started to make your way out of his room. You still had a few chores to do, and kissing Ludwig while he was asleep wasn't one of them.

 Apparently Ludwig thought otherwise, because with a sudden tug on your wrist and a yelp from you, you found yourself pinned beneath a sleepy-looking German, his eyes glazed over with apparent drowsiness.

 "L-Ludwig?!" You yelped, a blush immediately staining your cheeks. He wasn't awake, was he? Did he notice your kiss?! Why was he pinning you down?! Thoughts raced through your head at a mile a minute, your heartbeat quickening its already mad beat.

 I mean, c'mon—it's not everyday you find yourself underneath your boss/crush, and he's handsome to boot!

 "_____..." Ludwig drawled, stifling a yawn but failing horribly. "How long have you been doing zat...?"

 "D-Doing what?!" You squeaked frantically. 'Please don't tell me it's what I think it is!'

 A small smirk graced his face, only adding to your already dark blush and fast heartbeat. "You know vhat I'm talking about, frau. Zose kisses you give to me vhen I sleep..." A yawn finally managed to escape his lips, and he practically fell onto you; not that he was heavy or anything, no. His head started to nuzzle into the crook of your neck, as though to get comfortable, and he snaked his arms around your waist. "I've finally caught you red-handed, _____. I knew you've been ze one sneaking kisses at me vile I sleep."

 "It's not—I mean—but I—" Red-faced and stammering, you could only manage to splutter out a jumble of words, trying to form them into a suitable excuse. "H-How did you know?!"

 Great, _____. You've just admitted to Ludwig that you were the one doing that.

 Ludwig chuckled, shifting his position so that you both were on your sides with you facing his chest. Gently brushing away a few strands of your hair and tucking it behind your ear, he allowed himself a few moments to take in your adorable face before responding.

 "You should really try learning how to be stealthy, _____. I could hear your footsteps, you know." At his words, you pouted in frustration.

 "What?! But I could've sworn I made little to no noise!" You retorted, forgetting about the close proximity between you and Ludwig for a moment.

 "Is zat so?" A look of amusement flashed across his face. "I can remember one time vhen you had tripped vhile coming in. Did you zink zat I couldn't hear zat?"

 You wanted to bang your head against a desk as you remembered that incident. "...Oh." Shaking your head in an attempt to get your thoughts in order, you looked up at him with a hint of fear evident on your face. "...A-Are you gonna fire me now?"

 Furrowing his eyebrows, Ludwig shot you a confused look. "Fire you? Now vhy vould I do zat?"

 "Oh, I dunno, because your house maid has been acting like a creeper and kissing you while she thinks you're asleep?" You said sarcastically, eliciting a small chuckle from Ludwig.

 "You dummkopf. You zink zat I'll fire you over somezing like zat?" Gently knocking your head, Ludwig let out a sigh. "If anyzing, I'm only just going to keep you here even longer now. Z-Zat is, if you don't mind..." Ludwig added hastily, flushing a pale pink.

 It was your turn to laugh now. "Of course I don't mind! After all, you've been constantly extending my time here because you're oh-so 'busy,'" You said, making quotation marks with your fingers to emphasize your words.

 Flustered, Ludwig made an inaudible grunt before averting his gaze from yours. "_-_____... do you vant to know vhy I keep lengthening your time here?"

 "Because you're 'busy'?" You said with another chuckle, using your fingers as quotation marks once more.

 He shifted awkwardly, as if he had only noticed now about how close he was holding you. "It's... It's because I—"

 Your breath caught in your throat. Was he going to—

 A loud crash suddenly sounded, causing both you and Ludwig to jump away from each other as your gazes swiveled to the doorway.

 "Vee! _____, Germany! There's a spider in my room and it won't go awaaaaaay!" Feliciano cried frantically, flailing is arms around. The loud crash had been a result of Feliciano ramming into the part of the wall right next to Ludwig's bedroom door, since in his fit of fear he had failed to go through the door the first time.

 "Verdammt, Italy!" Ludwig boomed, his face red as a tick mark appeared on his head. Of all times for him to show up!

 Sighing, you wriggled away from Ludwig's grasp and made your way over to Feliciano. "Alright, alright, Feli, I'll see if I can get Mr. Spider to go outside," You said, a smile appearing on your face as Feliciano brightened up at your words.

 "Vee! Thanks, bella!" Feliciano chirped before prancing off to the kitchen, making pasta no doubt. Turning your head to the German, your eyes widened a bit as you saw Ludwig... pouting? Since when did he ever pout? Chuckling, you sighed and locked eyes with him, deciding that you'd say it first.

 "I love you."

 It took a few moments before the words seemed to settle within the confines of Ludwig's mind, and as soon as it did he smiled right back at you.

 "I love you too."
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Requested by TomatoBoxFairyFeli.
...I've always imagined Ludwig being super affectionate while sleepy. :iconlazycryplz:
Sorry for taking a while on this! I hope it turned out okay! Also, at the part where Italy interrupted you and Germany's moment, I made both of them use their country names because Italy saying 'Ludwig' just didn't seem right. :XD:

I hope you like it!
Thank you for reading! :heart:



Frau = Girl
Dummkopf = Dummy
Verdammt = Dammit


Plot © TomatoBoxFairyFeli & AProudHetalian
Writing © AProudHetalian
Picture © I found it here.… I got my inspiration from it... :XD:
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
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