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 "Luddy, Luddy! Look what I made for you!"

 Your younger form clambered over to the blonde German, a makeshift flower necklace held in your hands.

 It had been your personal goal to, at least some point in your life, find a flower that matched your German friend's sky-hued orbs. Of course, you hadn't told him of this goal; you tried your best to keep it a secret, so it'd be a surprise once you finally did find the right flower and gave it to him.

 Okay, maybe it wouldn't be much of a surprise when a friend shows up and gives you a makeshift flower necklace, saying that it matches your eyes... but you hadn't really thought it through during your young stage in life. You liked flowers, anyways, so why not?

 "Vhat is it, _____?"

 "Wait! Don't move, Luddy!"

 Holding the necklace next to Ludwig's face, which was full of confusion, a pout crossed your face. "Darn it! The blue tulips are too dark!"

 "Vhat are you trying to do, _____? Do you need any help?" Ludwig inquired, arching an eyebrow. Even though he was merely a child back then, he still tried to help out whenever he could.

 "Nope! Just do whatever you're doing, this is something only I can do!" You exclaimed, rushing back to the variety of flowers that grew at the local park you and Ludwig were at. "It'll be a surprise, okay? So just wait! It'll be really awesome!"

 A small chuckle erupted from Ludwig. "Vhatever you say, _____..."


 It had been several years after that, and you and Ludwig were all grown up now. You both were still friends, of course; just not as close as you two used to be in your childhood. Truthfully, all you guys ever did anymore was exchange the occasional greeting, and that was it.

 ...To say you missed him was an understatement.

 You missed everything about him; from his serious, hard-working personality, to his rare smile that he would crack every now and then, and finally... his sky-hued orbs.

 You always referred to his eyes like that; sky-hued orbs.


 Because they simply reminded you of a cloudless, deep blue sky.

 Nostalgia soon overcame your emotions, past memories flashing before your eyes as a wry smile played on your lips.

 Reaching over to the stand that stood next to your hospital bed, you picked up the newly made flower necklace that you had crafted not too long ago from a bouquet that your mother had brought in; she said that it had reminded her of the sky.

 And it reminded her of the sky indeed; the flower itself was a sky-blue color, perfect for what you had been striving to make over the years.

 'I've finally finished it, Luddy.'


 "Vhere is she?" An angry voice commanded, his words thick with a German accent. The nurse behind the desk, terrified at the German man before her, attempted to hide behind her clipboard.

 "I'm truly sorry, sir, but _____ is in critical condition and-"

 "Do not make me repeat myself again, girl. Vhere is _____?" His voice was now reduced to a low, deathly tone, scaring the wits out of the poor nurse.

 "R-Room 108! Right hallway, second door to your left!" She squeaked. He started to walk briskly to said room, slamming open the door as soon as he saw it and then slamming it shut behind him.

 Fits of coughing could be heard from the bed where you lied, your face scrunched up in pain as you didn't seem to notice the visitor.


 As though his voice triggered some sort of reaction, you managed to recover from your short coughing fit and cast your now dull eyes up to him.

 "...L-Luddy? Is that you?"

 "Yes, _____... It's me." Making his way over to the bed, he gingerly placed a hand over yours. "How are you feeling?"

 "To anybody else, I would've lied and said I felt fine," You murmured with a dry chuckle, "But I know that you would've caught the lie right away, so I'll just tell you the truth. I feel like my heart might just give out any moment now."

 Ludwig's hand wrapped around yours tightly, and through your sickly state you could still tell that he was shaking.

 "...Vhy didn't you tell me, _____?" Ludwig asked shakily. "Vhy didn't you tell me zat you were sick? Z-Zat... Zat you were in the hospital?"

 A sheepish, sad chuckle escaped your lips. "I was just being selfish, is all..."

 "Selfish? How?"

 "I didn't want you to worry. I didn't want you to know that I'm going to die. I didn't want... I didn't want to go through the pain of saying goodbye," You whispered, hanging your head. "I was just too selfish."

 "Do not say zings like zat, frau." You could feel Ludwig's grip tighten. "You'll be okay. You vill not die. You can't leave me..." Ludwig's voice cracked a bit at the end.

 "I'm sorry, Ludwig... I'm so sorry," You mumbled, reaching up with your other hand to caress his face. "But... In the end, we will always have to embrace the truth, no?"

 A weak smile played across your lips. "You'll do fine. Stay strong, Luddy. I know that we've grown apart as we grew up, but I've really missed you, y'know."

 "_-_____..." For once, Ludwig stammered. "Please, don't leave me... please..." His voice was hoarse as he held your hand even tighter, as though that alone could keep you from leaving; though you knew that it wouldn't help.

 "What... no 'I've missed you too?'..." You said playfully, a small chuckle coming from you. "Before I go, though, I want to give you something."

 Reaching over to the stand next to your bed, you gingerly picked up the flower necklace and held it out to him. A smile spread across your face.

 "Yep... it matches."

 "Vhat does, _____?"

 "The flowers, and your eye color... don't you remember? That time when I was making flower necklaces, and once I had made one from blue tulips and tried to compare it with your eyes, though they were too dark... but now, I have the perfect ones. It's really ironic, too..." You chuckled dryly. "They're forget-me-nots. Don't forget me, okay?"

 "I'd never even be able to," Ludwig said breathily as he took the flower necklace from her hand carefully. "So zat's what you had been doing at that time... trying to find flowers that matched my eye color... you're silly."

 "But being silly is a good thing, right?" You let out a small laugh, happy to finally have a full conversation with Ludwig in quite a while. Now, you figured, would be the best time to confess—right before you were about to leave.


 "Yes, _____?"

 "Ich liebe dich," You said in his native tongue, proud that you were able to pronounce it correctly. "I love you, Ludwig."

 You could feel yourself fading away as a faint smile played across your lips, Ludwig pressing your hand to his face as it slowly started to lose heat.

 "Ich liebe dich auch, _____... I love you too."

 Just from his choked up voice, you could tell he was crying.

 Mustering up whatever strength you had left, you used your thumb to gently stroke his tears away. "I'm... happy... I'm so happy..." You mumbled. "I finally achieved my goal, with the flowers and the whole confession thing... thank you, Ludwig.


 Cradling your now limp figure in his arms, his tears spilled out from his eyes and landed on your cold face.

 "Auf wiedersehen, _____."
...:iconwthplz: Yeah, I dunno.

I should be working on other reader inserts, but this popped into my mind while listening to this. That and someone challenged me to write something sad since I always write happy things ./sobsob

I am hopeless with Germany, I apologize. I can't even write sad stories for crap, and I'm sorry I killed you off Reader-tan. :iconlazycryplz:

In case you didn't know, you happened to have some deadly disease that involved coughing in this insert. Was too lazy to look one up orz;;


Ich liebe dich - I love you
Ich liebe dich auch - I love you too
Auf wiedersehen - Goodbye


Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture from: [link]
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