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August 1, 2012
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  "Hey, Yao, can I ask you something?"

  "Yes, aru?"

  "Y'know fortune cookies, right? Well... are they true?" you asked, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.

  Yao stopped in his tracks at this, causing you to nearly crash into his back if it weren't for your cat-like reflexes.

  He seemed to be... blushing...? No... maybe it was just your imagination... but his cheeks really did seem light pink...

  The only reason he had stopped in his tracks was because of something that had happened a few days ago...


  You were at a Chinese restaurant that Yao had recommended to come to on this day, for it was having some sort of discount and you liked to take advantage of any types of discounts.

  As you were seated, you had that uneasy feeling of being... watched? Shrugging it off, you merely blamed it on your imagination.

  After ordering and eating your dinner, the waiter gave you the bill with a fortune cookie on it; 'Funny...' you thought, 'Why does that waiter look a lot like Yong Soo?'

  At a closer look, he did seem to have Yong Soo's same hairstyle, hair color, even eye color. And that creepy feeling of being watched was still there...

  You shuddered, deciding to just ignore all these strange things and eat your fortune cookie.

  Opening the small plastic bag, you cracked open the treat and removed the small slip before munching on the cookie.

  Eyes scanning the text, you blushed a light shade of red.

  'The one you love loves you back.'

  Well... the only person that would fit in that category was Yao, considering your major crush on him which had recently evolved into, as cheesy as it may sound, love.

  Wondering whether or not it was true, you decided to just finish off the cookie and keep the slip of paper. Who knows? Maybe it could be true.

  Then you noticed messy writing on the back of the slip. Flipping it over, you nearly face-palmed.

  'Confess to Yao in Chinese, da ze! It's 'Wo ai ni'! And P.S.- Confessions originated in South Korea, da ze!'

  So that was Yong Soo... wait... did this mean Yao loved you back?

  Nearly falling out of your chair, you immediately straightened yourself and put the slip of paper into your pocket. You were gonna ask Yao about this soon, to make sure it wasn't a cruel prank...

  Meanwhile, in the back of the restaurant…

  "Aiyah! Yong Soo, are you sure that _____ really loves me back?! What if she doesn't, aru?!" a panicked Yao said.

  Yong Soo merely grinned, clapping Yao's back. "She loves you back, da ze! No worries! I even wrote how to say 'I love you' in Chinese along with the pronunciation, so she's probably gonna confess to you in Chinese, da ze! Isn't that how you've dreamt of _____ confessing to you?"

  "A-Aiyah!" Yao yelled, "H-How did you know that, a-aru?!"

  Yong Soo merely grinned. "Because dreams originated in South Korea, therefore I should know about how you've dreamt about how _____ would confess to you, da ze!"

  Yao merely sighed. "Alright, aru... Anyways, I'll be going home now, aru."

  "Alright, da ze!" Yong Soo called back as Yao walked away.

  The truth was, this was all rigged. Yao had recommended this restaurant because it was having a discount on food, which meant you were surely going to come considering how you take advantage of any types of discounts, and because Yong Soo was going to pose as a waiter for you.

  Yong Soo had created a fake fortune slip to put into the fortune cookie you recieved, and to make sure you got that cookie he had to pose as a waiter and serve it to you. Meanwhile, Yao watched you from afar to see your reaction.

  The whole plan was actually concocted by Kiku and Yong Soo, who knew of your love for the Chinese man since you tend to tell the Japanese man everything. And since Yong Soo knew about how Yao loved you, they decided to get together and create this whole thing in hopes that you would get the idea that Yao loved you back.

  And this was how it all happened.


  "U-Um, why ask, _____, aru?" he stammered, the blush spreading across his cheeks.

  "B-Because... at that restaurant you recommended to m-me... well, the fortune cookie slip..." you were having trouble finding the right words, so instead you retrieved the slip from your pocket and shoved it in his hands. "J-Just read this!"

  Yao immediately recognized the fortune cookie slip, his face now matching the redness of his shirt.

  "Y-Yao... wo ai ni..." you mumbled, averting your eyes as a scarlet blush painted your cheeks.

  There was a moment of silence before Yao gave out a small squeal, enveloping you in a big, warm hug.

  "You're so adorable, aru!" he exclaimed, hugging you even tighter. His obsession for things adorable seemed to overtake his shyness.

  "A-And... wo ye ai ni, _____, aru," he mumbled into your hair.

  Even though you knew practically no Chinese, you knew exactly what that meant as you nuzzled into his chest.

  With one finger, Yao slid it under your chin and lifted your head up, leaning closer to plant a a soft kiss onto your lips.

  You savored the kiss; it was soft, sweet, and gentle. It was getting just a bit more heated when-

  "Finally, da ze! You two finally got together, da ze! And by the way, love originated in South Korea, da ze!"

  You and Yao immediately jumped away from each other, the sweet moment interrupted by Yong Soo.

  "A-Aiyah! Yong Soo, aru!" Yao exclaimed, blushing a deep crimson.

  You blushed and hid behind Yao, embarassed at having Yong Soo interrupt the moment.

  As Yao yelled at Yong Soo, he felt you bury your face into his back, making a smile come to his lips.

  'Wo ai ni, _____.'
Germany = [link]
S. Italy = [link]
Japan = [link]
Russia = [link]
N. Italy = [link]
America = [link]

I am so, so sorry for the long delay! It's been, what, probably over 2 months since I've last posted Russia's 'How to say I Love You'... I apologize deeply for that, but I ran into some unexpected family issues. Thankfully, they've been resolved, so I'll be posting a lot faster! :aww:

A big 'ol thank you and a round of applause to ~HeartOfFireSoulOfIce, who kindly read the rough draft for me to spot out any mistakes. Thank you!

Up next will be N. Italy's 'How to say I Love You', and then it'll be a Finland Reader Insert for the lovely ~AwesomePerson26 who gave me the idea for N. Italy's 'How to say I Love You'. Thank you so much!~

...Oh, and on a side note; Who here knows and listens to Vocaloid? I'm a really big fan of them, and if you know the song 'Just Be Friends' sung by Megurine Luka and composed by Dixie Flatline... Well, they made a sequel to it if you haven't heard already! It's called 'Answer'. Here's the [link] to it on Youtube. See what I did there, with the link? :XD:


Wo ai ni = I love you
Wo ye ai ni = I love you too

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture from: [link]
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Korea pokemon originated in Japan betch
Korea: No pokemon originated in Korea
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i remeber confessing to my crush in Italian, Russian, German, Chinese, Tagalong and French, he finally got it when i confessed in french, he took french classes. I was like "Your ace looks like Toni's tamatoes!" He was really confused and flushed, it was funny. But later he said he liked me back. But later i had to move.
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You forgot how groping originated in South Korea.
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