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February 18, 2013
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 I love you.

 Those three words haunted you as you lied in your bed, your mind playing out any possible scenarios that might transpire once you've uttered them to your best friend/crush—Alfred Jones. The self-proclaimed 'hero', Alfred was probably the most lovable and funny person you had ever encountered.

 He was super handsome, too... not that you'd ever say that out loud.

 Banging your head against your pillow, you let out a strangled cry. "For Pete's sake, why is this keeping me up for so long?!"

 You had been mulling over this for quite a while now, and your clock read 11:30 PM. At this rate, you were going to show up at Alfred's house tired, and you didn't want that!

 You sighed, rolling over onto your stomach. This had all started out with a stupid threat from Francis, who was intent on bringing you and Alfred together. It was either confess to Alfred, or have Francis show him your diary in which you spilled out all of your feelings into.

 How he had gotten a hold of your diary, you didn't know—but you knew for sure that you didn't want Alfred to see your entries about him.

 "What am I going to do?" You croaked, burying your face into your pillow. You didn't want to risk ruining your friendship with Alfred, but you didn't want him to see your diary entries about him, either. Francis had even given you a deadline—confess to him by tomorrow or it's going to be a world of embarrassment.

 Heaving a sigh, your eyes flickered around your room before landing on a stray piece of paper on the brink of falling off your nightstand. Reaching out to push it in so that it wouldn't fall, you noticed that it was your Spanish test from earlier—



 ...Francis never did say what language you had to confess in, did he?

 Slowly, a small smile started to curve at your lips.

 You knew what you were going to do tomorrow.


 "_____, dude! Glad you could make it! I got some totally scary movies ready for us!" Alfred chirped, practically dragging you inside and throwing you onto the couch. Somehow managing to flick off the lights at the same time, he dashed into the kitchen before returning with probably the biggest bowl of popcorn you had ever seen accompanied by the two biggest cups of soda you'd ever seen.

 "Alfy, where do you even find bowls and cups this big? I could last a few days with just that bowl of popcorn!" You exclaimed with a chuckle as he stuffed a handful of it into his mouth.

 "They're hero-sized! I made them myself," Alfred said proudly with his mouth full. "Now hush! The movie's starting! If you're gonna be scared, you can always hold onto me," Alfred added teasingly, giving you a playful wink.

 A faint blush adorned your cheeks, and you hoped that the darkness would cover it up. "I feel like I should be the one saying that..." You mumbled, popping a few pieces of popcorn into your mouth.

 Sure enough, as soon as the first scary pop up came on, you were practically tackled by Alfred, a girlish scream escaping his lips and his arms latched around your frame. The bowl of popcorn, which had been on his lap, was thrown into the air, spilling it's contents everywhere. "D-Don't worry, _____! The hero's h-h-here to protect y-you!" Alfred wailed, his eyes glued onto the TV screen.

 You, meanwhile, were unaffected by the movie. To be honest, it wasn't even that scary—at least, in your point of view. What you were scared of at the moment was dying from air loss at Alfred's killer grip.

 "A-A-Alfy...! I can't... breathe...!" You managed between a few short gasps, struggling to free yourself from underneath him.

 A shriek erupted from his TV, probably a character dying—which resulted in Alfred screaming once more before he grabbed the blanket on his couch and threw it over you two, now cradling you against his chest as he started to rock back and forth.

 "They're not real they're not real they're not real!" Alfred cried as your head grew dizzy from his not-so-gentle rocking. Heck, it felt like a freaking amusement park ride!


 "They're not real, they're not real!"


 "They're not real, nuh-uh, nope, nada!"

 Losing your patience, your eyebrow twitched before you finally screamed, "ALFRED!"

 "Eek!" Alfred yelped, sounding much like a young girl before he realized it was you. "_-_____?"

 "Calm down, Alfy," You grunted as his rocking stopped, your hand reaching up to hold your head still. If that went on any longer, you probably would've gotten sick. "It's only a movie."

 He seemed to switch from scaredy-cat to his usual self in a moment, because now he was starting to tease you. "Shouldn't I be saying that? I was protecting you! I'm the hero, after all."

 "Yeah, yeah, keep telling yourself that," You mumbled, though a smile pulled at your lips. Crawling out from underneath the blanket, you grabbed the remote and switched the TV off before getting up to turn on the lights.

 Your eye twitched at the sight before you—popcorn was spilled everywhere, no doubt from when Alfred had his freak-out. Knowing him, he'd probably make you clean it... and knowing you, you knew that you'd do it.

 'Why am I so nice?'

 "Oh no!" Alfred cried as he too got out from under the blanket. "The popcorn!" Baby blue eyes landing onto you, Alfred pulled his best puppy dog face and clasped his hands together. "_____?"

 Gritting your teeth, you slapped the palm of your hand against your forehead. "Just shut up and get me the broom and dustpan."

 "Thanks, _____! Love ya!" And with that, Alfred dashed away to get the requested items, leaving you with a faint blush. "That big idiot..." You mumbled, though a small smile touched at your lips.


 After an hour of cleaning up Alfred's popcorn mess, you collapsed onto his couch, Alfred following suit as he lazily took a seat next to you. You had forced him to clean with you, as it was his fault in the first place.

 "That was tiring," Alfred mumbled, resting his head on your shoulder.

 You scoffed. "Says the one who didn't even clean up as much as I did!"

 Glancing up at the clock, you realized that it was getting late—and you still had yet to confess!

 "Hey, Alfy?" You started tentatively. Despite your plan, you were still nervous.

 "What's up?"

 "Te amo." A sly smirk made its way onto your lips as you figured that Alfred probably didn't understand. Getting up and stretching, you let out a sigh now that you had gotten it over with. "Anyways, it's getting late. I'll see you tomorrow, oka-mmph!"

 An arm had reached out and grabbed your waist, pulling you back onto the couch before your lips collided into Alfred's. You barely had any time to comprehend what was going on before Alfred pulled away, mirroring the smirk that you had on only moments ago.

 "Jeez, _____, is that your idea of a confession? In another language?" Alfred said teasingly as you started to turn into a blushing mess.

 "But—but I—how did you—"

 "You do realize I'm in your Spanish class, right?"

 Oh, right.

 You forgot about that.

 Burying your face into Alfred's chest in embarrassment, you let out a groan. "Of all times for me to forget..."

 Chuckling, Alfred shifted so that he was now hovering above you, pinning you down onto the couch. "I might tell you my response if you repeat what you said, but in English. Here, I'll even say it for you!" Alfred said teasingly as he stuck his tongue out at you. "Repeat after me. I love you."

 Grabbing a nearby pillow, you hid your face in it. "I lovmmph foo..." You mumbled, words muffled by the pillow.

 Pouting, Alfred pried the pillow away from your grasp and smirked. "What was that, _____?"

 You gulped.

 "...I love you..."

 Hooking his finger under your chin, Alfred brought your face up to meet his.

 "I love you too."

 And with that said, he dipped down and captured your lips into a kiss.

 'I love you, _____.'


 Francis, who had been secretly spying on you and Alfred for the whole day, got up with a yawn and stretched.

 "Ohonhonhon~ mission accomplished... Now I 'ope zat _____ won't find out zat I 'ad already shown Alfred 'er diary entries before zis."
Germany = [link]
S. Italy = [link]
Japan = [link]
Russia = [link]
China = [link]
N. Italy = [link]

...I fooking love France. :iconyayfranceplz:

Thank you for reading! :heart:


Plot © ~AProudHetalian
Writing © ~AProudHetalian
Picture © Can be found here. [link]
Hetalia © Himaruya Hidekaz
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